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Northern Beaches Sport and Remedial Massage LOCATED IN JOONDALUP



I am a registered provider for all Private Health Funds and if your cover includes Remedial Massage, you may be able to claim onsite.

Shelley Burden

Who Am I ?


I am the owner and Senior Remedial Massage Therapist at NBSR Massage. I graduated with a Diploma in Remedial Massage Therapy and a Functional Movement Therapist Certificate; I am also a member of Massage and Myotherapy Australia.
Health Funds are claimable on site if you are covered by your Health Provider.

What I offer


I specialise in treating people with chronic pain, headaches, neck, shoulder and jaw pain, hip and knee pain or any other discomfort you may be experiencing from over use, poor posture or injury. Some of the treatment modalities I offer are deep tissue massage, myofascial massage, muscle energy technique, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, functional release cupping and gua sha (Rock Blades).





Ashleigh has a wonderful customer focused and very personable manner. Her excellent massage skills have certainly made a difference to pain relief and posture in my body. I also admire her commitment to customers, while always improving her business and health practitioner skills.


Ashleigh is a superb and skilled therapist, I have used her service for over 3 years and could not recommend her highly enough. She holds herself to the highest standards in hygiene and professionalism, and is always willing to listen and work with you to determine the best approach to your needs as an individual.


I’ve had a lot of remedial massages for muscle soreness and general relief of tight and tired muscles over the years, and I can quite honestly say Ashleigh is the best therapist I’ve been to. Her technique is different to what I am used to and you come out feeling great.


If you are looking for a great remedial massage then I highly recommend Northern Beaches Sports and Remedial Massage. Ashleigh is not only very knowledgeable she is both professional and friendly. Her welcoming and inviting treatment room is a haven and I come out of there feeling like I’m floating on air. Both relaxing and therapeutic at the same time, Ashleigh knows her stuff and respects her clients.


I have been a client of Ashleigh’s for the last 3 possibly 4 years. She has helped so much with all my aches and pains on a regular basis. I usually walk in and say to her ‘fix me Ash’ and she does.?. Ashleigh loves what she does and that’s why she is good as her job. I Highly recommend Ashleigh and Northern Beaches Sport and Remedial Massage


Ashleigh is the best remedial massage therapist I’ve ever been to! I came to see her as a last ditch effort after a trip to the hospital for my broken face. My jaw was locked up, in a lot of pain and I could barely eat or sleep. The doctor couldn’t find anything wrong with me, gave me pain killers and sent me home. Then like a mystical, angelic, detective lady Ashleigh worked her magic and after a few dry needling sessions and some massage she completely fixed my face. I’ve been seeing her weekly ever since and will be for the foreseeable future. She is very switched on, knows her stuff and has excellent bedside manner. 10/10 Absolutely recommend !!


I just wanted to thank you so much for your professional and genuine care for Kaitlin. I have no doubt, with the vigorous training schedule she has, your management of her, is one of the major factors she has performed so well, recovers so quickly, and most importantly, remain injury free. Thank you for your flexibility and always having a spot available for Kaitlin.


Training & competing in strongman & powerlifting, my body needs some pretty intense remedial work at times and Ashleigh hit the mark! I feel more than ready for my next session, and I’ll return for future treatment ?


I cannot recommend Ashleigh enough. She has magic hands! Really helped me with my upper back problem and I now see her on a regular basis.


Absolutely amazing massage and dry needling from Ashleigh. I always walk out feeling so much better. Ashleigh is very professional and knowledgeable and always makes you feel comfortable. Highly recommend for anyone looking for remedial massage therapist.


Ashleigh is great! Between lifting weights and training jiu jitsu my body can feel beaten up but one session with Ashleigh and I feel fantastic and pain free!


Best massages no doubt about it. Ashleigh has helped to elevate my Achilles Tendinopathy by releasing the muscles in my calves. She has also released a knot in my shoulder so I no longer suffer from bursitis and just recently, by using dry needles, has helped relieve severe pain associated with tennis elbow. I always feel so much better after a visit. Ashleigh is very approachable, kind and I always feel at ease. She really knows her stuff and would recommend her to anyone.


An absolutely AMAZING massage every time. Dry needling has also given me excellent results. Reliable and professional services. Thank you for keeping me functional and comfortable.


As an active person I started to experience overuse injuries which is the reason I first required the services of Ashleigh. I have been having a remedial massage by Ashleigh on a regular basis for nearly two years now and the massage is second to none in my opinion. If you are suffering from aches and pains, stiffness or just want to release muscular tension and feel good, I can highly recommend Ashleigh’s services.


I’ve been getting massage by Ashleigh for over a year now. I always walk out of her clinic feeling so much better. Ashleigh is always friendly and cheerful and I enjoy the convos we have. I would recommend her to anyone.


Ashleigh is fantastic. Between lifting heavy in the gym and rolling at Jiu Jitsu, my elbows were getting sorer and sorer. Ashleigh sorted me out with some myofascial release and dry needling, which has just about alleviated all my pain. Thanks for the great work.


I have been seeing Ashleigh for about the past two years for remedial massage and she has been amazing! She is always very attentive to any issues I may have and adapts to provide whatever treatment is required. I’ve recommended her to friends and family and they have nothing but good things to say about her!


Since seeing Ashleigh for dry needling and remedial massage treatments it has been life changing for me. I have suffered with pain from an old injury and have always had to wear supports but after being treated by Ashleigh I no longer experience the pain I used too and I no longer need to wear supports. Ashleigh’s dry needling treatments are life changing!


I absolutely love visiting Ashleigh for a remedial massage she makes me feel completely comfortable and I always come out feeling completely relaxed. As a mum of three I find I get very stiff and tight in my neck and shoulder area due to a lot of picking up little ones, Ashleigh manages to instantly relieve the tightness and it’s such an enjoyable experience so I always try to book a 90 minute treatment. Ashleigh’s experience is second to none, I can’t recommend her enough.


Ashleigh is absolutely amazing!! We can’t recommend her enough. My daughter is an elite gymnast who trains 22 hours a week at only 9 years old and Ashleigh helps us keep her body injury free and moving so she can chase her dreams of representing Australia one day. Thank you Ashleigh xx


After a shoulder injury this year I lost about 40% movement in my arm and about 60% strength and I thought that’s how it was going to stay until Ashleigh did movement cupping on the area. It’s fair to say I was shocked, in one sitting I regained almost all movement and strength back in my arm, each day it feels better and better!! Highly recommend Ashleigh.

TRACEY COTTRELL – Hennaberrys For Hair

I own a busy hair salon and after years of constantly holding my arms up, using a heavy hairdryer and twisting at odd angles, I was suffering from chronic neck and shoulder pain. I sought help from Ashleigh who recommended dry needling to assist with the benefits of her remedial massage and it has been amazing – it has even helped with my tension headaches. I recommend Ashleigh to anyone suffering with chronic pain.


I work in, what can be, a hostile and unforgiving environment of the sea. My whole work area is continuously moving, so your muscles are continuously working. I can be dragging things around the moving deck or sitting in front of a computer trying to keep myself in the chair at my desk. Each time I come back ashore I come and see Ashleigh to help with all my aches and pains.
I have spent many years looking for a massage therapist who has a bag of tricks, (training), as diverse as Ashleigh.
Ashleigh listens and then develops a treatment suited to the individual. Every massage is different as she feels and notices where you are tight, and responds to how your muscles react to the therapy.
Ashleigh is continuously learning and trying to improve and expand her knowledge and repertoire to help her clients.
Whether it is remedial or sports or deep tissue massage plus more and combining with needling and cupping you couldn’t ask for a better therapist.


I have been a client of Ashleigh for a few years now and have always found her to be a passionate, dedicated, extremely caring and a hard working professional. Ashleigh is highly experienced with a holistic and comprehensive approach, combining massage, exercise and acupuncture. Her great service is realistic, honest and personalised to my needs and with her caring nature and great sense of humour, you feel comfortable, relaxed and in great hands. I would not hesitate to recommend Asheigh’s great service.


I have been in chronic pain for years and after my first appointment with Ashleigh even though I wanted to tap out, Ashleigh encouraged me and empowered me to keep going. She is so knowledgeable that I walked away feeling energised and hopeful that given time I will be pain free once again. Thanks Ash, you are amazing.


I visited Ashleigh for the first time after a sporting injury caused by over-training. Her knowledgeable, kind, and caring mannerism made me feel completely at ease, and the treatment I received was absolutely outstanding! Since then, Ashleigh has become an integral part of my training and recovery regimen – I trust her completely for both remedial massage and dry needling. Over the last 3 years, her treatments have allowed me perform consistently at my best, and accomplish more than I ever thought I could as a professional dancer. There is no one I would recommend more highly than Ashleigh!